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Nachi FD11 controller connection with Robot DRIVE

I now preparing to connect the Nachi robot, FD11 controller with RoboDK Robot Driver.
But I couldn't find any solutions like other Robot(FANUC, MOTOMAN..), and how could it possible to connect by using Ethernet TCP/IP protocol.

I can get successful PING IP address through ROBOT IP/COM ping button, but I now guess additional module is needed to establish connection.

Thank you.
RoboDK does not have a robot driver for Nachi by default. The driver allows having a tight link between the PC and the robot and requires a communication option on the robot controller.

On the other hand, you should be able to generate programs offline for Nachi FD controllers without any issues.
Does the robot have an FTP server? If so, you should be able to send files through FTP. Otherwise you may have to use a USB disk or a memory card.
Is it still true that the Nachi drivers are not available by default, and is there a way to load the driver manually?
We do not have a RoboDK driver for Nachi at this moment. The communication interface between a computer and the Nachi controller is a software option that is not available by default. If you can provide more information about the set of instructions the Nachi controller requires (such as socket protocol or serial communication) we can help you add a driver for Nachi.
I wanted to check aboutv the status of this FD11 Nachi controller driver, is it available now?

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