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Nachi Post Processor error on one joint variable at one point

I'm quite excited about RoboDK and using it to hopefully get my company into the modern age of manufacturing.

To get a Licensed purchased I need to show an example of creating a complicated program in RoboDK and running on the physical robot (Its located in another facility so I have to demo on the Nachi FD on Desk Simulator).

I'm trying to create a short program (3 points) using RoboDK that I can run on the Nachi FD on Desk simulator but one of the move lines of code has the Joint #2 value +35° higher then indicated in RoboDK and when run in the Nachi simulator is obviously off. Post Processor "Nachi AX FD" and "Nachi AX FD Smooth" both create the error.

This is the 4th movement point in the program (Target 3) and the only deviation from the points in RoboDK.

I've attached a clip of the RoboDK GUI and the highlighted code resulting from the post processor.

Is this a bug in the processor and a user error in some way?

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If you double click the target (Target 3 in your case) you'll see the joint values you recorded/generated. You can also modify the joint values by pressing F3. You can also right click a target and select "Teach current position".

The issue you see is because you are using a joint target. Joint targets are recorded and generated in the joint space by default (robot axis data in degrees). However, if you just click on a target (single left click) in RoboDK it will try to show a linear movement by default and the joints displayed may be different if you are currently using another configuration.

If you can send us your sample RDK file we can help you better.

Please see the attached .rdk file. 

I appreciate your help in this. I attempted to change the MoveJ (joint movements) to MoveL (Linear movements) but got a Joint 5 too close to 0 degrees error.

Thank you for your help again!

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.rdk   Enercon_Nachi_MZ04.rdk (Size: 1.03 MB / Downloads: 535)
I believe that some of the targets are very close to a wrist singularity (when joint 5 is near 0 deg it causes problems with robot arms). RoboDK has a default tolerance of 4 deg to avoid wrist singularity. I recommend you to increase this joint 5 threshold angle if you see such errors in the robot controller. 

By increasing this threshold you'll then see these warnings in RoboDK before you generate the program. To prevent these warnings you may have to change the toolpath for targets used for linear movements (tool orientation, part location, home position).

I attached an example where I changed the home target to be farther from joint 5 at 0 deg.

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.rdk   Enercon_Nachi_MZ04-no-singularity.rdk (Size: 1.04 MB / Downloads: 545)
I also forgot to mention that Nachi robots require you to manually enter the tool coordinates. When you generate a program for your Nachi robot you'll see the following information as a comment in the program header:

' Using the tool:
' TOOL1=(106.000,0.000,138.000,0.000,0.000,0.000)

Just make sure to manually enter these values in your Nachi controller as Tool 1 (TCP). I believe it is not possible to modify tools inside a program (when using a Nachi FD controller).

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