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Normal to curve not really normal


I am using RoboDK plugin in SolidWorks to import a curve a make a curve follow project but I have a problem with the normals of the curve.
Here is the problematic part of the curve in SolidWorks : 

And this same part of the curve in RoboDK with its normals : 

As you can see in the screenshot from RoboDK the normals to the curve are not really normal, they are just oriented in Z+ direction. Is it a plugin problem ? Is it something I can fix ?

I tried to indicate the surface next :

With this I have to tilt the normals in RoboDK and it would work. But since it's not one full segment I have to select each segment and tilt them all manually (90 degrees). Since I want to avoid any manual operation in this process, if the first method (just selecting the curve) is not possible, is there a way I can use the API to tilt the curves ?

Hi Camille,

Yes, there is a way to modify the normal orientation using the API.

I would recommend you to look in "C:/RoboDK/Library/Script"

You should find a .py file called "Curve_Filter_AverageNormals".
That should be a good starting point to learn how to manage curves with Python.

You can also directly feed the curve follow project with the curve and set all the parameters using the API.

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