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Open and close Robotiq grippers from RoboDK using I/O Instruction

I am wondering if it is feasible to open and close Robotiq's vacuum or two-fingers gripper using 'set I/O instruction' in RoboDK when the UR robot is connected to RoboDK?

Using this Instruction, I could successfully open and close a 3rd part gripper wired to Digital Output in the UR control box. However, it has not worked yet for Robotiq grippers. I suppose that, rather than Digital I/O, I should do this using Tool Digital I/O by inserting a piece of code into 'Programme call instruction'. I have tried for a while but not figured out yet. It would be very helpful if you could advise. 

Thank you very much.
It may be better if you ask this question in the RobotiQ forum.

On RoboDK's end it is very easy to turn a digital output on or off. More information here:

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