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I am new in RoboDK, and I am still using the evaluating license. However, I found something strange.
I have correctly imported some targets using Matlab, and If I click on each target the simulated robot correctly reach the point. Thus I created a program as suggested in the "Getting started" documentation, by selecting the targets, right click and selecting "create program".
When I launch the program, the robot doesn't reach correctly the targets. In particular, the orientation of the end effector is not correct, different from the target used. Only the first point of the trajectory is correct.
Has anyone experienced a similar problem?
When you click on a target, RoboDK tries to simulate a linear movement. If a linear movement is not possible then it will simulate a joint movement.

When you use the option to create a program after selecting multiple targets, by default, the first target is a joint movement and the following targets are linear movements. You can change the following targets and set them to joint movements. This gives the robot the freedom to change the configuration the same way you set it if you provided joint coordinates for your robot directly from Matlab.

Can you share your RDK project file and maybe some Matlab code?
It looks like you are not providing the pose of each target (only the joint coordinates). For example, you can use the SolveFK function to calculate the pose of each target.

More information and examples (in Python) here if you want to create the program from your Matlab code using the RoboDK API for Matlab:

(I moved this thread to general questions as this is not a bug)

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