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Palletizing with robodk
Good Morning All,

I have a robot on a slide rail whose task is to take boxes from an incoming conveyor and palletizes them in a nested, multi-layer pattern. I have used the palletizing panel. Is it possible to have the program place the first two boxes horizontally the the next two vertically? Also, how do you get the slide rail and robot to work simultaneously? the program will currently only moves the slide rail and I always get an error "The robot can't make a rotation so close to 180 deg. (the rotation axis is not properly defined)"

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Hi Tsmpson3,

I recommend you take a look at this webinar on mechanisms.

You can also read this section of the doc to learn how to synchronize the external axis.

And this video to learn how to create a palletizing process with a linear rail.

Hope it helps.
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