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Passive mechanism attached to a robot

I have an unconventional setup.  A 6 DOF robot and a 6 DOF passive mechanism attached to the EE. I need to simulate this for collision avoidance. I have created a robot from CAD models of links for the passive mechanism.
Using Python API, I can feed the same pose to both robots and make it look like they are moving together only for linear movement. But it doesn't work in joint move. On top of that, this is not practical in case of MoveJ_Test and MoveL_Test because they apply on a robot item.

One way is to write my own MoveL/J and MoveL/J_Test, but that pretty much defeats the purpose of using RoboDK API. Is there a better way to simulate this kind of passive mechanisms and verify for collisions?
I recommend you to synchronize both mechanisms:

In this case, both mechanisms will be taken into account when you use only one robot (for any type of movements).

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