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PoseAbs() on ITEM_TYPE_TOOL returns flange pose, not TCP
There's probably code that relies on this behavior so I imagine you can't fix it, but the docs should at least mention it.  Observed in v5.4.3
You can use item.PoseTool() as a workaround
Looks like that gives TCP relative to the flange, so you'd have to do extra math to get a PoseAbs from that
Thats correct. To calculate the absolute pose of the TCP you can do the following:
tool_pose_abs = tool.PoseAbs() * tool.PoseTool()
This is not a bug so I'm moving this thread to the API section.

This type of behaviour should be expected in older and future versions.
Let me join the party!

If you are looking for the TCP with regards to any other item, including the station, you can use this:
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Thanks guys.

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