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Preferred joints for start point

I have synchronized motion between a 6-axis robot and a 2-axis turntable. I need to set up joint targets at the preferred start location for a curve follow project.

I need to calculate the cartesian x, y, z coordinates of the tool path start point. 

Is there a way to extract these coordinates from the simulation? Since RoboDK is able to render the toolpath visible, the start/end coordinates of the toolpath should be stored somewhere in the program. 

How do I extract these coordinates from through the API?

I have attached an image for clarification.

Thank you,
You should be able to call JointLimits on a program and this will return the start and end joints of a program respectively:

I believe this behavior is not documented but we won't remove this feature in future versions.
Hi Albert,

JointLimits() is an interesting method but I am not looking for the robot joint limits for this problem. 

I am trying to retrieve the cartesian x, y, z coordinates at the start point of a curve follow project. Is there a way to do this without having to develop equations? 

I tried to attach a picture to help explain.

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