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Problem in Synchronizing between robot and External Axis

Hlo Sir
I am trying to follow the cylindrical path with the help of Robot and positioner movement. I want to give circular motion to positioner and z increment to robot. But Robot is taking the circular motion along with positioner movement. Same thing i am observing in .Src file. Kindly help me to resolve this issue as soon as possible. 

With regards
Mohit Singh

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.rdk   CYLINDRICAL PART.rdk (Size: 5.44 MB / Downloads: 202)
Go in "Utilities" and select "Synchronize External Axes" to synchronize the turntable with the robot.

Also make sure that you synchronize the axis with the selected presets "Move external axis" to have the turntable move instead of the robot.

See the attached station.

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.rdk   CYLINDRICAL PART V2.rdk (Size: 5.47 MB / Downloads: 283)
Thank You for replying us. 
But Sir the problem is still the same. 
The x and y coordinates are changing as shown in .src file which leads for robot motion along with positioner rotation.
kindly help us.
Thanks in advance.

With regards
Mohit Singh

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Kindly help me to resolve this issue.
We are not sure about what the issue is.

Do you mean that X and Y axes are rotated? If so, you simply need to rotate your turntable reference by 90 degrees.

You can edit the flange of the turntable by editing the tool frame in the parameters menu of the turntable.
Hello Mohit

Send your code .src

With regards
I am experiencing what I believe to be a similar issue. I have synchronized my turntable, and the simulation looks great. But the program generates A axis motion when in the simulation, the robot was not programmed to rotate about the A axis. It's not a communication issue between references. The turntable rotating seems to be making E1 (external axis/turntable) code, and A axis code. How is anyone supposed to only rotate the turntable, when RoboDK keeps generating A axis code in addition to E1 code?

E.g. The robot is in home position. The coordinates look like this: {X -95.172,Y -19.948,Z 0.000,A 180.000,B 0.000,C -180.000,E1 0.00000,E2 0.00000}
All I do is rotate the turntable to a new position in RoboDK. Now the code looks like this: {X -95.172,Y -19.948,Z 0.000,A 80.00,B 0.000,C -180.000,E1 10.00000,E2 0.00000}
The "A" AND "E1" coordinates have changed. But it SHOULD look like this: {X -95.172,Y -19.948,Z 0.000,A 180.000,B 0.000,C -180.000,E1 100.00000,E2 0.00000}
That way the turntable rotates, but not the robot flange. I have already changed the references to make sure that the reference was not rotating with the turntable. I even just tried making the reference rotate with the turntable for fun. It has no impact.

The only workaround I have discovered is to go into python and select all A axis sections in all of the lines of code, and change them to be the same figure. But that would be ridiculous to have to do indefinitely.

The problem goes away when I desynch the turntable. I can rotate the turntable head and the A axis remains the same. But as soon as I synchronize the turntable, it takes over the robot's A axis. It seems to just override my "tool frame with respect to reference frame" reference.

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