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Problem with "Pause simulation"

Hi everyone,

I'm having some issues in pausing the simulation in RoboDK. (installed version 5.4.3)

If I press Pause on top of the screen while the robot is moving, the robot stops as intended. However, if I then press resume the robot jumps to the new position as if the pause button was never pressed. This doesn't happen if I instead change the simulation speed to 0.0 using the slider. 

I tested this with a very simple simulation using different robots, but the result is always the same. 

I attached the very simple example I used for the test, with two simple target. 

Is it working as intended? How can I overcome this issue?

What I need is to emulate that the full station pauses its programming if I send a command via software. I tried to use the setSimulationSpeed=0 command with the API but from what I can see, if the value is 0 it doesn't change the simulation speed to 0.0 but rather it press Pause, and thus I have the same issue described above.

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.rdk   Test_1.rdk (Size: 4.8 MB / Downloads: 191)
Thank you for bringing that up, we will fix this soon, in the meantime you can look at the attached station.

I included a python script that resume the simulation after a pause without causing the jumping between two positions.

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.rdk   Test_1.rdk (Size: 4.81 MB / Downloads: 206)
Thanks Olivier, your python script is very appreciated!
one year later and I am facing exactly the same issue. The only problem is that setting the simulation speed to 0 by python script and resuming by setting it back to 5 still causes the robot to skip a lot of the path and go directly to another position. The same behaviour occurs when i use the pause function in the GUI. I am running version 5.5.3 if that matters. Is there any fix for this?

I included a project file if needed.

Kind regards

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.rdk   TestProjectPauseBug.rdk (Size: 2.65 MB / Downloads: 100)

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