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Problem with license

I have a RoboDK Educational license but it always shows "unable to connect". Already tried to look into the firewall and proxy problem stated in but still not working... Does anyone have a solution?

This issue should be fixed now. We had intermittent issues with our server today. We are working to prevent this issue from happening again. We are sorry for the trouble this may have caused.
i have same problem since yesterday. When select "Free" option it say only "Checking..." and stays there
Has this issue been resolved?
Or when will it be resolved?

[Image: Ekran-Al-nt-s-free.png]
[Image: Ekran-Al-nt-s-network.png]
The problem should be fixed now. If the problem persists, can you send us an email with your license code? We can double check.
Hi, the problem is also still unsolved on our side. Which email should I send to?
You can send us an email at if you have issues. Make sure you properly entered the license code and you are using a recent version of RoboDK.

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