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Program Events - External Output for Tool with OPCUA

I'm creating a path follow program for a Meca500 robotic arm.  This robot does not have its own digital outputs to control actuators.  I would like to utilize the "Program events" of the path follow program to turn on a USB-controlled relay attached to the PC that will run the program.  The relay will need to close on "Path start" and open on "Path finish".  Here is an image showing the "Program events" settings:


Is there a way to use these events subroutines to toggle a variable true and false and have this variable accessible through a RoboDK OPCUA server?  I would like to create a program outside of RoboDK that monitors this variable to know when the relay should be open or closed.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Yes! The program events will call any program of the same name, including python scripts. You can have more than one event by seperating them with a semicolon.

Add a program that sets a named digital output, and you should be able to monitor it with OPC-UA.
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