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Program crash while loading a second Robot


if I want to add a 2nd *.robot-File, RoboDK is crashing after a few seconds. I had the same problem a few times before. I can open both files, existing RDK and ROBOT file without any problems, but if I want to fuse both, the program cashs.
Do you know a solution to add the Robot to my existing workstation?
Can you share the robot file ?
(02-04-2022, 06:36 PM)Olivier Wrote: Can you share the robot file ?

Thanks for you reply. I am using this *.robot File:

Anyway, I figured out what the problem is! If this checkbox (picture) is checked, I can not load a robot file without crashing the software.

[Image: ximg.php?fid=13926502]

If I deselect the texture checkbox and safe the station, loading robot files works again.

Attached you find both files, maybe you can find the problem.

Attached Files
.robot   KUKA-KR-10-R1100-2.robot (Size: 991.54 KB / Downloads: 253)
.rdk   Station.rdk (Size: 1.17 KB / Downloads: 245)
Was this ever resolved? I am hitting this issue now too. But my files do have texture. I am working over the API and I dont think I have the ability to change this parameter via python.
This issue has been solved this week. You should be able to load robot files and object files without issues even if you chose to save texture data.

Make sure to update RoboDK to the latest version.

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