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Program crash while loading a second Robot

if I want to add a 2nd *.robot-File, RoboDK is crashing after a few seconds. I had the same problem a few times before. I can open both files, existing RDK and ROBOT file without any problems, but if I want to fuse both, the program cashs.
Do you know a solution to add the Robot to my existing workstation?
Can you share the robot file ?
(02-04-2022, 06:36 PM)Olivier Wrote: Can you share the robot file ?

Thanks for you reply. I am using this *.robot File:

Anyway, I figured out what the problem is! If this checkbox (picture) is checked, I can not load a robot file without crashing the software.

[Image: ximg.php?fid=13926502]

If I deselect the texture checkbox and safe the station, loading robot files works again.

Attached you find both files, maybe you can find the problem.

Attached Files
.robot   KUKA-KR-10-R1100-2.robot (Size: 991.54 KB / Downloads: 44)
.rdk   Station.rdk (Size: 1.17 KB / Downloads: 35)
For me the pic isnt loading anymore, so I reauploaded it:
[Image: WSBR7zABSsy]

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