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Project a curve made up of points in [XYZijk] format


I would like to project a curve made up of points in [XYZijk] format onto a surface. The projection direction will be the Z direction of the points on the curve.

The instruction I am using is the following. What ProjectionType do I use?

virtual bool ProjectPoints (tMatrix2D * points,
                                    int ProjectionType = PROJECTION_ALONG_NORMAL_RECALC

A greeting
This function looks correct. Feel free to provide some sample code if you want us to help you troubleshoot or debug. Make sure you are using the latest version of RoboDK as well.

What issues do you have?

You'll find an example and more information about projection flags here:

Also, the example attached shows a related project in Python to project curves to an object using the ProjectPoints function. This allows you to project a curve to a surface.

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