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Pulse/Degree Data: Yaskawa Motoman GP12

RoboDK Users,

I would share numeric pulse per degree information of Motoman GP12 and YRC1000 Micro. Default setting is just 1.0 for all, which is not accurate. Correct pulse/degree input is required to make the Motoman RobodK driver successfully work on the Run on Robot mode, because actual GPs move according to absolute motor pulse values converted from RoboDK kinematics.

GP12, YRC1000, Motoman (Postprocessor) 

J1 1435.352
J2 1300.322
J3 1422.225
J4 969.960
J5 980.240
J6 454.756

These were actually tested and worked well. However, note that it may not be absolutely correct.
I hope the RoboDK team to review and include this in the default robot setting.
You are absolutely right! This information needs to be adjusted for the robots. We have a section on our documentation on how to do this in RoboDK:

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