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Python Program Generation Issues (UR)

Hi all, 

Perhaps someone could help me figure this out. I've successfully written a simulation for pass/fail testing using only python. My next step is to trigger the logic using our UR5s DIO, but I can't seem to generate anything other than movements using the UR posts. 

Specifically, I get only basic movements and none of the if/else logic, UR-specific commands or defined variables, etc. 

I have tried all of the UR5 posts available in RDK, and it's still the same story. 

Here is a quick example of what I'm seeing: 

Snippet Python code: 

from robolink import *    # RoboDK API

from robodk import *      # Robot toolbox
RDK = Robolink()
program = RDK.Item('IO_moveTest')

robot = RDK.Item('UR5')

approach_0 = RDK.Item('ap0')
approach_1 = RDK.Item('ap1')

def unitTest_IO(): 
        global unit_pass_pin  # passed unit digital pin
        unit_pass_pin = 0
def getUnit():
        RDK.RunMessage('Getting Unit', message_is_comment = False)

def testUnit(): 
        program.waitDI(unit_pass_pin, 1)

The generated Program using the UR Script post: 

def IO_moveTest():

  # Default parameters:
  global speed_ms    = 0.300
  global speed_rads  = 0.750
  global accel_mss   = 3.000
  global accel_radss = 1.200
  global blend_radius_m = 0.001
  # Add any suprograms here
  # Main program:
  # Program generated by RoboDK v3.4.6 for UR5 on 13/06/2018 10:55:28
  # set_reference(p[0.000000, -0.500000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000])
  set_tcp(p[0.000000, 0.000000, 0.247000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000])
  movel(p[0.080000, -0.580000, 0.100000, 0.000000, 3.141593, 0.000000],accel_mss,speed_ms,0,0)
  # End of main program


As you can see, none of my function calls, variables, or UR-commands appear in the generated script. 
Any insight would be wonderful. Could there be something in RDK settings that I've missed? 

You should use:
robot.RunInstruction("Program1", INSTRUCTION_CALL_PROGRAM)

Other Examples:
robot.RunInstruction('Setting the spindle speed', INSTRUCTION_COMMENT)
robot.RunInstruction('SetRPM(25000)', INSTRUCTION_INSERT_CODE)

You can use RunInstruction on a robot item or a program item. If you call it on a program it will add the appropriate instruction as if you selected Program-Program Call Instruction, if you call it on a robot it will add appropriate code when generating your code.

More information here:

And a more complete example here:
Program1 is in >>>. py How do I put in .script? to be available for the UR3 robot?

def Extruder_E():
 # Main program:
 # Program generated by RoboDK v5.4.3 for UR3 on 03/07/2022 15:11:12
 # Using nominal kinematics.

 Extruder() <<<??????? ??????

/////my pythone subroutine that runs on RoboDK I want to run a program on the robot

 # End of main program


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