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Python transcript error

Hello dears I am going to control my URe5 robot by using Python. It is just single point movements between target point. When I am going to upload my program directly to my robot it is showing Python script failed returning error
Here I am attaching the picture of the error
Can you guide me how to fix this issue

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Can you share the RoboDK project (RDK file) and steps to reproduce this issue?
Hi sir thanks for your reply here I am sendind RoboDK file

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.rdk   Artificial_Vision_by_Hand_gesture.rdk (Size: 3.07 MB / Downloads: 142)
From the crash log it appears that you are passing an empty image to cvtColor.
Is you input device available? Try calling cap.isOpened before retrieve the image.

You might get better support for OpenCV on their forum:
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