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Query on FTP - UR3e

Hello RoboDK team,

We would like to send UR Script As per .
But, before proceeding the above procedure of RoboDK + FileZilla, we try to connect to UR3e via Windows command prompt ftp client. But this didn't work and the windows ftp client from commnd prompt is unable to connect with UR3e.
By default & theory, if a FTP server is hosted on UR3e then any FTP client should connect, be it FileZilla or ftp from command prompt. Is there any specific requirement to achieve this or FTP works only with RoboDK+FileZilla ?
Can someone please clarify this.

Also would like to understand this : I couldn't find any FTP related article or Tech information on Universal Robot website/Articles? It is mentioned only on RoboDK link above. Why is this so? Any Unique requirement from RoboDK side?
You should use SFTP to transfer files to a UR controller (not FTP). You can change it in the general settings menu of FileZilla Client (you may need to create a new connection profile).
Hi Albert
Thanks for the quick response. I will try with FileZilla. Is there any specific steps we should do on UR3e side to enable the SFTP server? Or by default the server is active to accept incoming client request?
I don't think there are any specific steps that you should enable on the UR robot controller side. It should be enabled by default.

In FileZilla you may need to create a new "Site Manager" profile and specify SFTP protocol (not FTP)

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