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Question about MoveC
Hello everyone!
Recently I'm doing a project making the robotic arm drawing full circles on specific plane.
The trajectory is shown in the picture down below.
The arm will start moving from the center to point c1 with MoveL command.
Then finish the circle with two MoveC commands from c1 to c3 and c3 back to c1.
However, there will always has a short slight stop between MoveC commands while running on RoboDK.
While running on the robot, the short slight stop becomes an abruptly stop.

Is it possible to make a smooth full circle in RoboDK?
By default RoboDK assumes that the robot does point to point movements (stopping at each point). So for each linear or circular movement it generates a uniform acceleration up to it reaches the maximum speed, then, uniform deceleration. 

This behavior can be changed on the real robot from RoboDK if you use Program-Set Rounding instruction:
This instruction allows the robot to maintain a more constant speed while rounding the edges of the path, so the time will be faster on the real robot.
Thanks for the replied!
That solved the problem!

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