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[Question]cable simulation with robot
I got a simulation task which  UR and cable management(the concept are as below ) , how can i  simulate the cable to avoid cable collision and twist .

[Image: product-picture.jpg?width=600&height=650&mode=crop]
Hi William,

You can't simulate cable management realistically within RoboDK.

There's two things you can do though.

1 - Restraint your robot joint limits to make sure the cable doesn't get too twisted. To do so, open the robot panel and double-click the joint limits near the bottom of the window.

2 - You can create a new UR robot with the cable included as part of the robot model. You can see an example by downloading the Kuka KR 60-3 from our library. That will help you avoid collisions. You can learn how to build a custom robot here:
Simply download the 3D model of a UR robot from there website and add the cables on top.


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