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[Question]cable simulation with robot

I got a simulation task which  UR and cable management(the concept are as below ) , how can i  simulate the cable to avoid cable collision and twist .

[Image: product-picture.jpg?width=600&height=650&mode=crop]
Hi William,

You can't simulate cable management realistically within RoboDK.

There's two things you can do though.

1 - Restraint your robot joint limits to make sure the cable doesn't get too twisted. To do so, open the robot panel and double-click the joint limits near the bottom of the window.

2 - You can create a new UR robot with the cable included as part of the robot model. You can see an example by downloading the Kuka KR 60-3 from our library. That will help you avoid collisions. You can learn how to build a custom robot here:
Simply download the 3D model of a UR robot from there website and add the cables on top.

sorry for bringing this topic from the dead but I wanted to ask is there any progress made regarding a simulation of cable management?

Hi Tom,

Unfortunately it's not in our plan for the near future.

Find useful information about RoboDK and its features by visiting our Online Documentation and by watching tutorials on our Youtube Channel


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