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Question regarding mechanisms


I am wondering if there is an option in RoboDK to add an external axis that also rotates as well as moves linearly. 

Thank you.
You can create new mechanisms or robots in RoboDK.

  1. Select Utilities➔Model Mechanism or robot.
  2. Select 1 linear + 1 rotative axis
  3. Select the coordinate system that represents the origin of your mechanism.
  4. Select one object for each joint (moving part of the mechanism or robot).
  5. Enter the robot parameters as described in the corresponding image.
  6. Select Update to see the new mechanism.
Great, this helps. What if I wanted the part on a rotational axis and the robot on a linear axis approaching it? Would this also be done with mechanisms?
Yes, you can create 2 separate mechanism for this or chose from the different models available at our online library

You can filter by type, and select Ext. Axes:


You will find an example in C:/RoboDK/Library called Example-05.c-Robot machining with a rail and turntable.


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