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Questions about KUKA robot and ROboDK communication method

I'm trying to communicate between Robodk and KUKA KR70 R2100 models, but as far as I know, RoboDK controls the movement of KUKA robots by delivering programs to KUKA robots.
If I change the joint angle value of the KUKA model within RoboDK or move the end-effector without creating a separate program, can I make the real KUKA robot move the same in real time?
And the second thing I want to know is, can we deliver the joint angle value of the real KUKA robot to RoboDK in real time? I want to change the joint angle value of KUKA robot on RoboDK through the joint angle value received from the real robot in RoboDK.
I believe you are looking for the procedure to setup the KUKA driver. You can follow these steps to configure your robot controller to use the KUKA driver:

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