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Questions about robot workspace
Hello, dear Jeremy,

I would like to ask 2 questions about the robot workspace.

1. We know that the working space of the robot can be shown by the "*". Here take the KUKA KR16-2 as an example: If the outside range is the farthest distance the robot can reach, what is the meaning of the inside range?  It is clearly not the closest distance a robot can reach.

2. Can RoboDK digitize the robot workspace? I mean, is there a function to show the set of coordinates that the robot can reach when the robot base is fixed? Or at this point I give a random target point, can I tell if it is within the workspace or not?

Best regards,

Hi Van,

1. The inner "sphere" you see is a dead zone for the robot when you are in a specific configuration, in this case "behind" your back (joint 2 = -155).

2. There are many ways to know if a target is reachable or not.
a - If you create a target and it's out of reach, a yellow warning sign will appear on top of it (in the station tree).
b - If you create a program with some target in it, pressing F5 or right-click the program and "Check Path" will tell you if some parts of the path are unreachable.
c - Using the API, you can use MoveJ_Test to know if a target is or isn't within reach.
d - If you move a target (hold Alt and drag an axis) a ghost tool/robot will appear, if you drag it out of the robot's reach, the tool will become red.

Hope it helps.
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Ahh, I see, thx a lot!

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