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RUNINSTRUCTION can't work under 'auto mode' with Fanuc R30-ib

Hi sirs,
I'm using FANUC R30ib robot controller with online programming:

In some cases I need to use the command "RUNINSTRUCTION" to call  a program which was written in robot.  the script is like below:
robot.RunInstruction('HOME',run_type =0)

It can work well under manual mode (T1, T2).  However, when I turned to 'auto' mode, the TP shows 'TP is disabled' and stopped.

If there's any idea you can give me to have a try?
Do you only see this issue when running programs in Auto mode while other functions work?
Can you provide us with an RDK project file to reproduce this issue?

It will help us speed up testing and fixing this on our end.
Hi Albert,
Thank you for your reply.
I use robodk as an API, I only imported the FANUC LR Mate 200iD Bas in rdk file. There's no other procedure in the rdk file but python program. All the robot movements are controlled by python code.
this problem only appears under auto mode when I called 'robot.RunInstruction', other function works fine under this mode. However, when I switch to "T1/T2" mode (teach pendant mode), all functions work without errors.

Recently we are going to introduce the iRVision system which is kind of object vistion of Fanuc. I am planning to use the object-vision system of Fanuc and control the movement of robot by RoboDK. that's the reason why I need to use the command 'RunInstruction'

Thank you for concerning this issue.
After trying some methods, I found a method to use the robot.runinstruction() function.  I wired the Teach Pendent with 2 switches to silumate the DEADMAN is pressed, so that I can use the function at T1/T2 mode.  It is quite unprofessional, but it can solve my problem  in short-term.

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