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Reach study best methodology for dealing with CAD


I'm new to RoboDK and I'm trying to do a reach study with a robot and some CAD data from a customer. In terms of importing the CAD data and being able to manipulate it (move objects around, add coordinate frames) what is the best format for that CAD data to be in before importing? I know RoboDK supports STEP and IGES formats but I've been told OBJ format is better to work with (less computationally intensive when manipulating). Are there some considerations to make if I want to separate the objects within that CAD data and move them around (example - there are multiple racks I want the robot to place parts on)?

Hi Brent,

The format mostly determines the import speed. Once the object has been loaded it should not matter what format you used.

On the other hand, STEP and IGES files are parametric files. RoboDK creates a mesh for these files. Depending on the complexity of STEP or IGES files I recommend you to change the following settings:
  • Tools-Options-CAD-Fast Import Settings
More about loading STEP and IGES files here:

You'll also find some tips to improve the display performance here:

So if I import all the objects as one .STP or .IGS file then I will be able to move the objects around individually within RoboDK?
Hi Brent

Yes, exactly.
I recommend you take a look at this playlist for more basic information:
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