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Read speed from robot


My Setup: KRC4 controller, and Kuka KR16-2 robot.

I'm trying to read the speed (prog.speed_mms) from my robot, as I would like to change the speed from the TCP (Tool Center Point) when it is at the maximum speed, but keep the velocities when it's below 100 mm/s. Can anyone help me with this?
In my code, I'm attempting to modify the jointSpeeds when TCP Speed is above 100mm/s. Here's what I have so far:

Thank you in advance!

# Example to iteratively look for the speed instruction (INS_SPEED) and update it to 75 mm/s.
from robolink import *

prog = RDK.ItemUserPick('Machining2', ITEM_TYPE_PROGRAM) #Open the right program by name

# Iterate over all instructions in the program
for i in range(prog.InstructionCount()):
  ins_name, ins_type, *_ = prog.Instruction(i)
  # Check if it is a "set speed" instruction
  if ins_type == INS_TYPE_CHANGESPEED:        
      print("Updating instruction %i" % i)

      if prog.speed_mms >= 100
         # Delete the instruction
         # Select the previous instruction (any new instructions will be added afterwards)
         # Add the new speed instruction
The code you shared looks good. Are you having any issues with it?

You should use -1 with setSpeed for the speeds you don't want to modify:

Also, it will be faster if you modify existing instructions using setParam:

while ins_id < ins_count:
   # Get specific data related to an instruction
   # This operation always retuns a dict (json)
   instruction_dict = prog.setParam(ins_id)

   # Print instruction data
   #indented_values = json.dumps(instruction_dict, indent=4)
   print("\n\nInstruction: " + str(ins_id))

   # Note: The type is unique for each instruction and can't be changed.
   #    However, setting the Type value to -1 will delete the instruction (same as InstructionDelete())
   if instruction_dict['Type'] == INS_TYPE_CHANGESPEED:
       # Reduce speeds:
       newvalues = {'Speed': 50}
       if instruction_dict['Speed'] > 50:
           new_speed = 0.8 * instruction_dict['Speed']
           newvalues = {'Speed': new_speed}
           print("Reducing speed to: %.3f" % new_speed)

       # Update instruction data
       prog.setParam(ins_id, newvalues)
       # RoboDK may change the instruction name if you don't provide a new name
Thank you very much for your help Albert!
The link you provided solved my issue.

Nevertheless, the -1 did not work.

It seems that the setParam instruction modifies a Json File, could you tell me where this file is located?
By modifying this Json file, are you able to correct the path of the robot? For example: move all Z +20mm?

Thank you in advance!

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