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Reading RPM from Mastercam to RoboDK

 Hello everyone

 When I am doing a machining program and set the tool parameters (RPM, etc.)
, when I move to RoboDK it changes the RPM speed, why?
Whatever the RPM speed, RoboDK increases by 10 percent.
How can I solve this problem. The robot I am using is ABB4400-45 and the post is ABB_RAPID_IRC5.

 I send 2 images and the .NCI file created by Mastercam.

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Hi Bruno,

I noticed the issue relies on the post processor removing the point character representing the decimal value.

You can do this as a quick workaround if you are using ABB:
  1. Select Program Events
  2. Select the + button on the Spindle speed event
  3. Select Insert code instead of Program call
  4. Provide this line:
    SetRPM %1;
We'll fix the post processor so it does not remove the decimal point.

Olá Albert
Obrigado pela dica, resolveu na perfeição .
Muito obrigado.

Bruno Santos

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