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Real-time moving of real robot using Robodk with MATLAB API

I am wondering is it possible to move the real robot in realtime mode while the path is generating in MATLAB software?

This ability is able to move the robot in Robodk environment while MATLAB is generating the path. Then, to be specific is it possible to move the real robot as it is moving in the Robodk environment, simultaneously?
Yes, this is possible. You should be able to run the robot directly from Matlab code by using the RoboDK API for Matlab.

This example shows the concept in Python:

The Python and Matlab API are very similar so you can code this in Matlab.
Hello, I wonder if I can add the instruction MOVEP for constant speed application using Matlab and RoboDK? I could not find any example
It seems MOVEP is not included? Thanks

AddGeometry MoveJ ShowTargets setMachiningParameters
AttachClosest MoveJ_Test SolveFK setName
Busy MoveL SolveIK setParent
Childs MoveL_Test SolveIK_All setParentStatic
Connect Name Type setPose
ConnectedState Parent Valid setPoseAbs
ConnectionParams Paste Visible setPoseFrame
Copy Pose WaitMove setPoseTool
Delete PoseAbs addMoveC setRobot
DetachAll PoseTool addMoveJ setSpeed
DetachClosest RDK addMoveL setTool
Disconnect Recolor check_color setVisible
Instruction RobolinkItem setAsCartesianTarget setZoneData
InstructionCount RunProgram setAsJointTarget
JointLimits Scale setConnectionParams
Joints ShowInstructions setInstruction
MoveC ShowSequence setJoints

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