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Regarding Simulation Event instruction

Hi, I would like to ask if anyone has this issue the situation is I would like to pick up a Test tube using a gripper from point A to point B. As I would be doing a Decap step at point B at such that at point A my Test Tube is being split into two parts the body and the cap. but however, when using the simulation event instruction I tried to select both objects but I want not able to simulate the gripping of both the Test tube body and cap. 

would like to ask for help regarding this, thank you so much!
It may be better if you attach the 2 parts of your tube in one object (the one you pick). Alternatively, you may need to create 2 events to attach both sides of the tube.

If you can share your RDK file we can better help you.
Hi Albert , 

currently, I am using call "Attach" twice as such that I am able to pick up the cap and the body at the same time. I am unsure if that the correct way of doing.     

and I am currently having another issue, for my code to check for part present using a sensor, i am having this error and i am not sure why am i having this issue which the program was working fine before.      

 I have shared my RDk file, thank you once again

Timothy Chew

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.rdk   Capstone_V4.rdk (Size: 1.61 MB / Downloads: 452)
Hi Timothy,

It looks like the variable IO_VALUE is not defined. You should do this instead:



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