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RelTool in loop issues...

I'm not super familiar with Python, but I'm learning.  This is the whole code... this is day 1 for me and I'm just modifying some tutorial code.

The RelTool in the circle function works fine the first time through, but then fails on the second pass when assigning the relative target pose to t.Pose.  The python error says 'Mat' object is not callable.  

I don't know what is going on here.
from robolink import *    # RoboDK API
from robodk import *      # Robot toolbox
RL = Robolink()

#get the robot item
robot = RL.Item('Fanuc LR Mate 200iC')

#get the home target and the first move target
home = RL.Item('Home')
target = RL.Item('Target 1')

#poseref = target.Pose()
#move the robot to home then to the center

def circle(targ,n):
   t = targ  
   t.Pose = RelTool(targ,0,50*n,0)
   #get the pose of the target 4x4 matrix
   poseref = t.Pose
   #make a hexagon around the center
   for i in range(hexnum):
       ang = i*2*pi/(hexnum-1)
       posei = poseref*rotz(ang)*transl(30,0,0)*rotz(-ang)
   #move back to center then home

for i in range(2):
You should use Item.Pose() and Item.setPose(pose) as functions.

RDK = Robolink()
target1 = RDK.Item('Target 1')
target1_pose = target1.Pose()        # Pose() gives you a Mat() object
# ...
target1.setPose(new_target1_pose)    # You should provide a Mat() object

You can create Mat objects like this:
pose1 = transl(100,200,300)*rotz(pi)   # impose a new position (calculated)
pose2 = RelTool(pose1, 0,0, -100)      # Create an approach pose with respect to the first one (move along negative Z axis
pose3 = KUKA_2_Pose([x,y,z,A,B,C])     # Create a pose given KUKA's XYZABC values

More information and examples here:
I appreciate the quick response... but it doesn't really tell me why it works the first time through the loop and fails the second. Any thoughts on that?

It works if I set t=RelTool(Targ etc...).

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