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Remote Installation/Mass Installation
Are there commandline switches, or an MSI download to permit PDQ/SCCM/etc remote/silent installations?
Hi Bumbling,

I honestly don't know if it's possible.
I forwarded your question to our dev team. We'll see what they think of it.

Find useful information about RoboDK and its features by visiting our Online Documentation and by watching tutorials on our Youtube Channel

You can use the /S switch with our installer to install RoboDK silently. For example:
  • Install-RoboDK-64-v5.2.2.exe /S
We use NSIS installer and other default switches are also available.

Installing RoboDK silently does not install Python, so you may want to install Python afterwards with a command like this one:
  • C:/RoboDK/python-3.7.3-amd64.exe /passive "TargetDir=C:\RoboDK\Python37\" InstallAllUsers=1 PrependPath=1 Include_test=0
Once the RoboDK install is done, if you have a license you can set it up like this:
  • C:/RoboDK/bin/RoboDK.exe -NOUI -LCMD:Network:your-license-code -QUIT
Or like this if you prefer using an rdklic file:
  • C:/RoboDK/bin/RoboDK.exe "path to rdklic file.rdklic" -QUIT
Make sure to use the hidden version of the license code if it is for a class (the code starts with H).
I have tried /s previously, and it doesn't work silently. It immediately opens the prompt to unpack the data, and then sits and waits for user input.
Are you using the Windows 64 bit installer?

It should be capital S. So /S, not /s.

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