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Remote connection UR5 via Router & RoboDK

Hi to the RobotDK Forum.

I am able to PING, FTP and Connect (via RoboDK) to the UR5 inside my own network
without problems.

UR Soft: 3.11

(IP robot: 192.168.0.x, Subnet mask:

From outside my network  I am able to FTP via open port 22 and to PING the UR5,
but I am unable to make the connection via RoboDK work that way.

Should such a remote access be possible or is that blocked via RoboDK?

Regards, Boris Baehre
Hanzehogeschool Groningen, Netherlands
Hi Boris,

Using the RoboDK driver for UR requires administrator rights to properly setup the connection. The port specified in RoboDK for the connection is actually the port used to setup a server in your local PC to establish the connection with the robot.

Have you tried disconnecting the Windows Firewall?

More information here:


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