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Request for KR 8 R1620 arc HW Robot Mechanism.

Hi Albert, Jeremy,

Would it be possible for you to add the Kuka KR 8 R1620 arc HW to your library, please?

I've been trying to set up the mechanism according to the spec sheet but I keep failing, and I end up with geometry all over the place.

Funny thing is, I previously managed to set up a KR30 successfully. I'm not sure what I'm doing differently.

I saw you have the 1420 already. It looks very similar. I thought maybe I could just modify the dimensions, but the modify menu item doesn't show up for library robots.

I attached the spec sheet and a stp file, in case you get time to have a look. 

Many thanks!

Attached Files
.pdf   KR8_arc_specs.pdf (Size: 429.97 KB / Downloads: 389)
.zip   KR8 R1620 (Size: 4.1 MB / Downloads: 312)
No need to worry, I just needed a night's sleep. I set it up in 20 minutes this morning.
Hi Hoolymama,

A good night of sleep, it's often a good answer to our question.
But just so you know, on the latest version of RoboDK, pressing "ctrl"+"shift"+"alt"+"G" will bring you to the developer mode. (Use "D" in older version)
This will allow you to modify existing robots.


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