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Retrieving axis values from several robots

currently we are using RoboDK to simulate several robots together with our CAD models to check for collision. We also have another application that would need the current angles of all axis of these robots during the simulation. Is there a way to set up a data stream to get the values in a faster way than just retrieving them with a loop of robot.Joints() throught the api?
This solution slows down our other software by such an amount that we can't use RoboDK for our solution.
We are working with RoboDK 5.5.3 if that matters and are accessing RoboDK via the C#-API.
Kind Regards
Hi Luis,

You can run multiple instances of Robolink in seperate threads.
However, this method still relies on socket communication.

An alternative is to use the Plug-In interface (C++) to access RoboDK by memory instead.
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Hi Sam,
thanks for the fast response. Running multiple instances in separate threads fixed my problem.
Kind Regards

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