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Rj3ib controller robodk

Hi Members,

I have a fanuc r2000ia with a Rj3ib controller, just wondering which is best option way to introduce robodk into the robot. Cd38 port or CF card? And also will not having pcdk not installed be an issue?  


Hi Shaun,

You should be able to generate programs for a Fanuc RJ3 controller from RoboDK without issues. The default post has compatibility with RJ3. Did you see any issues?
If your robot doesn't have the ASCII upload option installed you should install Roboguide on your PC to make sure you generate a TP program automatically from the ASCII LS file.

You should be able to send files via FTP as well (select a program and select Ctrl+F6, make sure the IP of the robot is properly setup).

Setting up the driver is optional but it should work on an RJ3 controller. More information here:

Thanks alot Albert.. do you know if the rj45 ports can be used at all for FTP??

Hi Shaun,

It's generally the one we use.

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