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RoboDK Crashes when adding a "Detach Part"instruction

I am new to RoboDK and am using a trial version on a Windows 10 Workstation.

I have created a program where a robot arm (TM12) picks up a part ("part" from the standard library), places it somewhere, does some unrelated movements, picks the part up again and places it down somewhere.

The picks and places are preformed by adding an "event instruction" command with either an "Attach Part" or a "Deattach Part" instruction.

The Attach part (picking) goes without problem, however when i try to Deattach part (place it) RoboDK crashes.

The crash involves RoboDK not doing anything anymore and the window greying out. I get no crash message. I have tried not touching the program for 15 minutes but it doesn't recover.

If i run the program without any "Deattach Part" instructions it functions without problem.
Hi Tico,

Can you provide the RDK file so we can reproduce this issue?
Hi Albert,

I found the problem already (forgot to edit the thread). I didn't check the "Dattach to parent" option in the Dettach part menu. i assumed it would use the origional parent when it dettached but it didn't. this caused the program to crash.
Did this cause a crash? If so, can you provide the RDK file we can use to reproduce the crash?

We'll make sure this doesn't happen.



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