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RoboDK URCap functions


I am using UR10e in RoboDK in a station where there's a lot of tool change and using devices. To do the tool change I am using Smart shift from smart shift robotics, various grippers and Vice. All these devices comes with a Driver which I can install in the teach pendant of the UR robot. So that I can use their special Functions, like gripper close, open, vice close, open, grab tool and more. But How can I include these functions in the RoboDK. As of now I am just using these functions with 'insert code'. But with these I can't simulate those specialized functions in RoboDk and that's compromising 'collusion detection'.
You can apply the 'Event instruction' to manipulate the object during the simulation:
RoboDK Pro Training - Module 04 - 01 - Simulation Events - Overview

Also, you can use RoboDK API to perform more complex actions with your tooling devices:

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