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RoboDK Virtual Reality


We are very exited to have just tested the VR feature in RoboDK trial. We are interested in purchasing an EDU license, however, we are all designers and need some help in the coding department and are purchase depends on how much help we can get with a certain feature that maybe you guys can help us on.

We are currently using Oculus Quest via LINK on SteamVR and it works pretty well with RoboDK. However, the controls are very limited and the Robot/Tools can only be moved via axis controls. Is it possible to link one of the controllers to the tool to replicate its movements in space and work the kinematics that way? Also, maybe link one of the buttons on the controller to open and close a gripper.

We are looking to control the tool by using one of the Oculus controllers and trying to define joint movement points in VR to program the robot in VR. If this is possible and if we can get some help, that would be great and this would be a really helpful purchase for us. Thank you.
Hi! I work for the FIU Robotics and Digital Fabrication Lab, and we have been using RoboDK for a little over a year now.

We are actually working on something very similar on a research grant, where we have a VR environment in Unity and are using RoboDK to simulate our Kuka robots and send motion commands using the Kuka online drivers.

Take a look at this:

Depending on the brand of robot you use, it may be more or less difficult to implement such a functionality. My experience is exclusively with Kuka robots, which support KukaVarProxy, OpenShowVar, and JOpenShowVar for sending motion commands and IO instructions in real time such as demonstrated here:

RoboDK will definitely make what you'd like to do easier, but a lot of the implementation will be roll your own. I highly recommend consulting with a system integrator.

Hope this helps,

Hey Samuel,

Thanks for the reply. What we are trying to do is not real-time manipulation of the robot. We are interested in the VR environment and being able to program the robot in VR, set up targets in VR and simulate in VR. However, we are a group of people with little coding knowledge, mostly arduino stuff, and are trying to understand if RoboDK has the potential to do more in the realm of VR.

This is currently not possible but we'll soon update RoboDK to add support for this.
The feedback you provided is great.

We just published a new version of RoboDK that improves VR experience. You can now grab targets, robots, objects, coordinate systems using the grab action. Make sure to be close enough to grab your objects (200 mm by default).

Also, if you have a lot of objects in the cell you may experience low frame rate. If that's the case I recommend you to activate this feature:
Tools-Options-Display-Don't display objects smaller than 1% of the screen

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