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RoboDK and KUKA.ArcTech

How can I configure welding parameters in roboDK, how is it done with KUKA.ArcTech ?, or can I associate the KUKA.ArcTech with roboDK?
Hi Cesar,

Activating an ArcTech welder will require some integration on your end.
To do so, you will need to modify the post-processor you are using. Find information about post-processor modification here:

One of my recommendations would be to take a look at the FANUC R30iA post-processor as it already includes integration for a welding gun.
Take a look at the "RunCode" section of the pros-processor (ctrl-f should help you find the right section).
With this post-processor, you can activate the welding gun at a specific time in the program by using the "Program events" of you "Curve follow project".
"Path start" -> Enter "ArcStart"
"Path finish" -> Enter "ArcEnd"

Some modifications could also be needed in the header of the .src file.
Do you have an example code using the welding gun? That would be a good starting point for this integration.

Have a great day.
Hi Jeremy
I have this welding file that works with arctech, I will check the information on how to edit the post processor, do you have any other recommendations for me?

have a great day

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This file is a great start.
But if you could create a simpler one that could help you.
Maybe one with a PTP and a LIN without welding followed by 2 or 3 LIN with welding. All points manually created with the teach pendant.
Something that could be easy to replicate in RoboDK to compare the generated file afterward.
The simpler it is the easier it will be to integrate.

Hi Jeremy,
I generated this program as you recommended with the instructions of arctech, how could you help me thanks.

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