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RoboDK disconnect on I/O command

I found a repeatable problem in RoboDK;

The Listen-node on TM12 works fine with RoboDK on-line, as described in the guide

But wherever I put an I/O command, it is well executed on Digital Output of robot TM12,
but RoboDK  loose the connection immediately and always...

At this point a manual Reconnect is necessary and result is always immediately successful.

May be with I/O instructions the RoboDK do not receive the expected answer...
but note that the Digital Ouput is set correctly on robot.

Can you verify this problem ?
Our trial is almost expired and we cannot buy a robodk licence with this bug, because make the tool useless for our project.

Are you connecting to the modbus port of the TM controller? There is only one Ethernet port in the controller that can control digital outputs and read digital inputs.
hi Albert,
I have connected only to the Ethernet LAN port; here the robot TM12 accept all movement commands,
and digital I/O also are changed on the robot hw, but after any digital I/O command (which as said is succesful) the RoboDK disconnect
and the online program execution stops.

The test program is simple and problem could be an unexpected answer or no answer from TM12...
Have RoboDK a debug mode/tool to see and verify the data exchange with a connected robot ?
any idea to make the online digital I/O command avoid disconnection ?

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