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RoboDK driver for ABB
I was following these steps to set up the RoboDK driver for ABB robots at the following link. 

1.Connect the computer to the robot using an Ethernet cable (or RS232 connection if you are planning to use serial connection). [For this, I used a service port of the ABB IRC5 controller to connect to my computer.]
2.Load the RDK_DriverSocket.mod module to the robot (using a USB drive, FTP transfer or RobotStudio). It should be used as the main task and this module already contains the Main program call. [This is where I have a problem. I do not know where to find 'RDK_DriverSocket.mod'.]

Would appreciate it very much if someone helps me with this.

Thanks and regards,
Hi Win,

Just follow this link :

Have a great day.
(08-15-2019, 01:39 PM)Jeremy Wrote: Hi Win,

Just follow this link :

Have a great day.

Thanks a lot for your quick help!

Appreciate it!

(08-15-2019, 01:39 PM)Jeremy Wrote: Hi Win,

Just follow this link :

Have a great day.

Hi Jeremy,

I having some issue when I trying to use this ABB driver:
I am using IRB660 to test this.  Using RDK_DriverSocket.mod. I am able to connect (Robot IP:, Port: 2000). RoboDK Version:

1) Click on the "Get Position Icon, A6 is always show "0", I tried to jog robot using flexpendent (ABB teach pendent) to jog robot in different position and click on get position, the A6 still get 0. And robot position is not tally with the actual robot (axis value).

2) When click on "Get Position" The quarternion value is not tally with the actual value shown at flexpendent. But "XYZ" position is same.

3) I tried to do it other way, key in the value shows at the flexpendent (ABB quaternion) to Robot option panel (RoboDK). And I get the correct joint value, and the robot position in RoboDK is exactly same as actual robot.

4) Set the RoboDK to HOME (in Joint Axis Jog). Click "Move Joints". Robot move to HOME position perfectly (tried from few different position jog by flexpendent then "Move Joints" to home).

5) Try Jog robot in RoboDK in cartesion (XYZ) in RoboDK, and click on "Move joints" (Try During at HOME point).
5.1) Move along Robot X-axis, OK
5.2) Move along Robot Y-axis, NOT OK, Not same as actual.
5.3) Move along Robot Z-Axis, OK

6) Try Jog robot in RoboDK in Axis in RoboDK, and click on "Move joints" (Try During at HOME point).
6.1) Axis 1, NOT OK. Axis 6 will move (I only jog A1 10, A2 0, A3 0, A6 0)
6.2) Axis 2, OK;
6.3) Axis 3, OK;
6.4) Axis 6, NOT OK. Axis 6 not moving at all.

7) I try to Jog robot in RoboDK in Axis 1 with 1 degree. Found that the Axis 6 is rotate 33.33 degree (in actual robot)

8) I tried to generate program and transfer program to Robot via USB. No problem, robot move as per RoboDK.

I hope the above testing might helpful for you to resolve my issue. If you need further info, I will try to connect to the robot and test.

CY Ching
Hi CY Ching,

Thank you for such a detailed description of the issue.

I believe this is related to version mismatch. Can you try installing the latest version of RoboDK?


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