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RoboDk custom driver problem
Hey guys can someone please help. We are having a problem connecting our driver to the robot arm which we will be using a arduino and custom motors. 

The connection error picture is attached below. The error we get is Error: Process failed to start. The system cannot find the file specified. (id 0 )

We worked off of this guys code .

Here is the code.

I could send over the actual .pyc code .

from robodkdriver import RoboDK, RobotSerial

class MyMultiAxisRobot(RobotSerial):

def run_command(self, cmd: str, args: tuple):
if cmd == 'CONNECT':
connected = self._connect(port=(args[0]), baud_rate=(int(args[1])))
if not connected:
return 'connection_problems'
return 'ready'
if cmd == 'DISCONNECT' or cmd == 'STOP':
disconnected = self._disconnect()
if disconnected:
return 'disconnected'
return 'ready'
if cmd == 'MOVJ':
self._send_message('{cmd} {angles}'.format(cmd=cmd, angle=(' '.join(args))))
if self._get_message('DONE'):
return 'ready'
return 'error'
if cmd == 'CJNT':
joints = self._get_message()
return 'ready'

def RunMain():

if __name__ == '__main__':

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I assume you have a file here:

Can you confirm?
What happens if you run this file using Python?

Once you can run your script using Python, make sure to use the same Python version in RoboDK. You can specify the Python interpreter in Tools-Options-Python.
Hey Albert yep that was the problem we had to switch the version of the python. Thanks for the help.

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