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Robot Euler Angle

After Speaking with Denso the Euler angle is wrong.  The Y-axis is flipped. (green arrow should be pointing in the direction of the locating pinhole). Is there a way to change this? This would be the reason that my .RDk works fine when ran through RoboDk but move to Wincaps the TCP is flipped.

I have found this information but when I change the Euler angle type the direction on the flange does not change.

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.rdk   Calibrated station full dove tail.rdk (Size: 7.51 MB / Downloads: 273)
Can you show us a picture of the flipped TCP in Wincaps?
It would also be great if we can see the the following in the same picture for the home position:
  1. Robot joint values
  2. Cartesian position displayed by the controller
  3. Reference frame of the base and the robot flange (without any tool or TCP)
Hello Oliver and Albert, 
Thank you for your responses, according to John Manalac at Denso NA  the Robot Euler should be a rotational order is Rz, Ry, Rx.  The  Denso is currently set to Generic Rx, Ry, Rz. Hopefully, these photos are everything you are asking for.  

As I also posted in a different post before I understood this problem, I commented how the exported RoboDk code needs to be altered so that the tool is oriented in the correct direction.

RoboDk TCP 
Tool 2, P(-150.340,2.776,95.024,90.000,0.000,-90.000)

Denso Wincaps edited TCP 
Tool 2, P(150.340,2.776,95.024,90.000,0.000,90.000)

Thanks in advance,

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From what I can see, the flange reference is rotated 180 degrees.
I added an 180 degree rotation to the flange reference to match the version in Wincaps.

Also, the Euler angles can be changed to Epson/CRS to match the Euler rotation order of Rz, Ry, Rx.

Let me know if that fix the issue.

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.rdk   Calibrated station full dove tail.rdk (Size: 7.51 MB / Downloads: 280)
Hello @Olivier

I was able to find out how to rotate the tool in the advanced parameters before I saw this message. Thank you for responding and I'm glad that it was the same process.   It fixed all my TCP issues and I was able to calibrate and print properly.\

Thank you! 


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