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Robot holds work - how to approach

I am wanting to use my robot to carve soft material such as a urethane foam block. Since I do not have a turn table it seems I could accomplish the task if the robot holds the block and moves it against a stationary tool. See the attached photo.

The problem I am having is creating the tool path in master cam. Master cam does not have a machine definition for what is called a head/head machine. Am also having trouble with master cam as I can't get it to cut inside the eye sockets.

Part of the problem is I don't know how RoboDK chooses to translate tool paths. Could I use a machine that has a the 4 & 5 axis on the table to create the tool path. Could RoboDK use that and translate it to the stationary tool setup? 

I am just beginning to work with a similar process. My robot is holding a part that we are hoping to sand and buff. What I have found so far is that the part needs to be identified in Mastercam using the same origin and orientation that is presented when the part is located as a tool attached to the robot in RoboDK. The toolpath is created in the same way in Mastercam as if the cutting tool were moving like a standard 5-axis program. In RoboDK, notice that the part and the sander are both attached as a tools to the robot, but the sander's origin is defined relative to the robot base. Also notice that the toolpath is attached to the part. The robot then executes the program by moving over to the "remote" spindle. I am still very much working out the details of perfecting this process and any further clarification of how to do this would be greatly appreciated. 

I would share a screenshot of my setup but don't know how to import into this keeps asking for a url, but its a .png file on my desktop...? I even saved it as a sharable file in my Google Drive and it won't upload. Try this:

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In Mastercam, you should do the same way you would do for a part flat on the ground.

Using the "Robot machining project", you can select the algorithm "Robot holds object" or "Robot holds object and follows path".

The reference frame selected in the "Robot machining project" will act as the fixed TCP (spindle or other).

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.....reading between the lines so to speak. It appears RoboDK is not much interested in the type of machine as much as it just reads the code and plots a path suitable for "your" robot and it's setup (hold part, hold spindle).

So were I have been fussing and stuck trying to find just the right 5 axis machine for the end, it appears not to matter. Further testing for results when I get back to this project.
The machine selected in MasterCam shouldn't matter much.
As long as it's big enough to cover the robot working area you should be fine.

The post-processor used is more important, but for MasterCam, if you are using the RoboDK plugin, you don't need to worry about that. The plugin will take care of it.

Find useful information about RoboDK and its features by visiting our Online Documentation and by watching tutorials on our Youtube Channel


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