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Robot kinematics model

Hi, I'm exporting robot programs designed in RoboDK for a Meca500 robot. The program includes joint move commands, e.g. MoveJoints(0,0,0,0,0,0). After export I would like to be able to alter the joint values in the command for minor Cartesian adjustments of the corresponding TCP position (with respect to its base). E.g. the x-position of the TCP should be increased by 1 mm.

To achieve this I want to first calculate the TCP Cartesian position based on the current joint values, then add the Cartesian adjustment, and finally calculate the new joint values and manually update the robot program accordingly.

Where can I find the kinematics model for a robot which RoboDK uses to calculate joint angles to TCP position and its inverse?

Best regards,

You can use SolveFK and SolveIK from the API:
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