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RobotPost and BasePost post processor customization

There is a "class RobotPost(BasePost):" line in all post processor files.

So where is "class BasePost:", in which file is it defined and is it possible to access or modify it?
Some post processors depend on others and the BasePost represents the original post processor. Also, some post processors are compiled and you won't find the definition of BasePost, however, you can still customize them.

You can find a sample modification here:
I understand there is no access to the Basepost class and I cannot change its content. So is there at least a list of definitions in Basepost? I need to know what I can modify via Robotpost so that I can make changes accordingly. Or if it is not available in Basepost, I can add it to Robotpost myself.

I can explain why I ask this with 2 examples.

1) KUKA recommends using SLIN, SPTP and SCIRC commands instead of LIN, PTP and CIRC commands. KUKA recommends using commands starting with "S" whenever possible. According to them, "s" commands are much better optimized. (You already answered how I can do this)

2) RoboDK adds "C_PTP" for PTP movements and "C_DIS" for LIN movements to the end of the command lines. But KUKA no longer uses this for continuous movements. Instead, it uses C_SPL common to all movement commands.

These are just examples that came to my mind in a short time. I think there will probably be more as I need it.

I would like to ask another question that comes to my mind right now. Frankly, I don't know where or who else to ask.

Can RoboDK write a custom BasePost to my requests if I need it and for a fee, of course? Is there such an opportunity or service?

Because I am building a project with a very variable structure and I am not sure what I will need at the end of everything. Of course, I cannot ask KUKA or them to open a special program for me. But if there is a "post" made for me according to my wishes, I can do it.
Yes, we can create a custom post processor for you. We may charge separately depending on the work required.

You should contact us through our contact form and specify what changes you need:

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