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Rotating reference frame

Hi everyone!

I have a local reference frame at a certain distance from the robot base with a certain orientation of the x,y,z axis that is different from the base's perpendicular axis. Inside this reference frame are nested targets. The robot cell has workstations spread evenly around the robot base Z axis on a radius. I would like to rotate (copy/paste) this reference frame with a phase of, let's say 60 degrees to the right and to the left, while keeping its definition(orientation) and all the nested targets, the same.

I could just measure the new, desired location point with measure tool on the frame of the cell, redefine a newly created reference frame at that same point. After that, I would just copy and past the targets from the old frame or change support. This works, however, I'm hoping there is a more handy way to do that.

Thank you.
If I understand correctly, you want to rotate the local reference frame around the robot base while keeping its absolute orientation?

  1. Create a frame on the robot base.
  2. Left click on the local reference frame holding the targets and do "change support" to the newly created frame.
  3. Rotate the newly created frame 60 degree.
  4. Rotate the local reference frame -60 degree to keep its absolute rotation value.
  5. Left click the local frame and "change support" to its original parent.
Hi Olivier,

This worked perfectly! Thank you.

All the best

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