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RunProgram deprecated or not?

This entry for RunProgram() calls it deprecated:

But this one doesn't:

Are they both deprecated? 

More generally, there seem to be quite a few method names duplicated across different classes, sometimes taking different args, and the only way I can see to tell them apart is to mouse over the permalink, which I just discovered.

Knowing the class is actually pretty important in general; only the permalink hints that one is a method on a Robolink object and the other on an Item object.
This is a good point. The file implements both the Robolink and Item classes. We are adding a note to split the file as 2 separate sections (one for Robolink and one for Item).

You might need to clear your cache:
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Thanks! That's an improvement. Although the way I tend to use the docs is to ctrl-f for a method name. So once it jumps me down to a method, I guess I could scroll up and see whether I'm in the robolink or Item section, although tbh mousing over the permalink is actually faster. I guess what I'd need is for the classname to be given for each method. So instead of having two "RunProgram" entries, one would be "robolink.RunProgram(...)" and the other would be "Item.RunProgram(...)"

For example, in the python standard library lists the class name and not just the method name.

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